We exclusively work with premium marine grade fabrics manufactured by the world renowned companies Glen Raven (Sunbrella) and Recasens (Recacril)

For colours, specifications, warranty information and cleaning instructions please follow the links to the respective manufacturers websites below


marine fabric colours

Protection from the elements

Whichever stylish Sunbrella fabric you choose, you can be sure Sunbrella’s vivid colors won’t fade like other fabrics or vinyl. That’s because Sunbrella fabrics’ color is an integral part of the fiber and can’t be washed or bleached out by sun, rain or chlorine.

Besides longevity and durability, Sunbrella fabrics also provide protection from the sun so your family can enjoy long hours on the water. Our fabrics carry the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation, giving you the added sun protection your boat, family and friends need.

We can tailor a solution to your requirements for any trailer boat.