Over a decade ago, we were among the first marine fabricators in Australia to introduce Computer Aided Design (CAD) into our manufacturing process. The multi-step process involves first hand laying patterns on boats using time honoured patterning techniques. Images of these patterns are then captured using high quality camera hardware for transfer to the specifically designed software. This software is used to refine patterns and send data to the automated cutting table. Patterns are ‘nested’ during this process to produce the most efficient layout of pieces to be cut. This process reduces material waste and, of course, cost. Covers are then sewn by our experienced and highly skilled machinists. All this is done right here in our Bayswater factory.

We are constantly developing and refining our pattern database, allowing us to reproduce covers for an extensive range of makes and models. Of course, as boats can vary in terms of accessories fitted etc., some covers need to be hand laid from start to finish. We will always provide the best fitting cover and choose the most appropriate technique to do so. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach here at Cover Craft.

Premium ski and fishing boat covers, custom made in Melbourne.